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America's bicentennial year by one way or another set off a bewildering upward winding in the quantity of understudies needing to study CS. This relationship kept going all through the United States until the mid-1980's. The quantity of college degrees granted by the CSD at Pitt expanded relentlessly from 1976 until 1985. Truth be told, during the last year the CSD delivered more than 250 alumni (CAS and CGS consolidated), a bigger number than some other office in the Arts and Sciences. 

Obviously, it was very hard to adapt to such a flood. The size of the full-time personnel remained basically unaltered during this timespan. Increasingly more low maintenance staff must be procured and the quantity of training assistantships likewise must be expanded altogether. It wound up essential for us to initiate an arbitrary illustration plot for settling on which majors would be allowed to enroll for which of our propelled college classes. We essentially did not have enough class openings to oblige all understudy needs and wishes. 

While it was amusing to be that prominent as an office, it was a depleting knowledge and left personnel with not exactly adequate time to take care of their different obligations, particularly their exploration. One splendid spot during this 10-year time span happened in 1983: the FAS Dean approved procurement of a VAX 11/780 for the CSD. The framework cost almost $250,000. In perspective on the enormous measure of educational cost income that the CSD was acquiring to Pitt, it appeared to be quite reasonable and merited that we get our very own vax. 


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1984 Pittsburgh Computers

 At that point, in 1984, Pitt completed a survey of its scholastic projects as a feature of a noteworthy arranging process. In the Recommendations for Academic Priorities (Faculty Task Force on Planning, University of Pittsburgh, October 1984), the accompanying showed up: 

  • The Department of Computer Science has encountered an amazing increment in majors as of late, and its SCHs [student credit hours] have expanded by a factor of five over the previous decade. [Yet] the quantity of full-time workforce has stayed steady … 
  • It was, in this manner, prescribed in A Report to Trustees, June 1985: The University Plan, that the CSD "ought to have an enormous increment in assets" both to suit the high understudy request just as to empower extension of its examination. Without a doubt, subsequently, Pitt focused on FAS enrollment of another seat just as six new workforce positions.

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