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In 1966, Dr. Orrin E. Taulbee left Goodyear Aerospace Corporation to join the University of Pittsburgh as executive of its recently affirmed Department of Computer Science. Pitt's CS Department (CSD) was among the primary such offices in the nation. In 1996, its workforce, understudies, and staff gladly commended the thirtieth commemoration of its establishing. 

Following is a chronicled sketch of the CSD. An audit of its advancement during its initial 30 years proposes a history comprising of three progressive 10-year stages: 


The CSD was at first situated on the eighth floor of the Cathedral of Learning. Orrin Taulbee was looked with various difficulties. Other than enlisting personnel qualified in CS, when PhD holders in CS were not to be discovered, he needed to give appropriate processing offices to both staff and ...

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 America's bicentennial year by one way or another set off an amazing upward winding in the quantity of understudies needing to study CS. This relationship kept going all through the United States until the mid-1980's. The quantity of college degrees granted by the CSD at Pitt expanded consistently from 1976 until 1985. Indeed, during the last year the CSD ... 

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That dedication was respected. Throughout the following decade, the workforce developed to 20 T/TS positions. Nonetheless, most momentous was the expansion in quality that came about. Following are a few pointers of accomplishment as saw in the fall of 1996: Research Productivity: The normal number of distributions per employee every year had expanded to about 7 ...

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